Thursday, October 31, 2013

Candy Dish Bowl Stand Christmas Vintage Inspired

Candy Dish Bowl Stand Christmas Vintage Inspired, Candle Holder, Christmas Candy Bowl, Holly Berries Bowl, Upcycled Stand is an adorably cute way for you to display some candies, nuts, mints, use as a candle holder, display some mini bulbs, great for use as a center piece, in the bathroom with some cotton balls or maybe some bath soaps, some sweet smelling bath salts in the bathroom, on the dresser vanity holding some of your favorite trinkets, and the possibilities are endless. Great to use for the Holidays, and with the spirit of things too. 

The bowl has a light gold rim with some wear from time, has the holly leaf and berry design around the center of the bowl, amongst this berry holly design you will see some red bow designs too. A Mikasa candle holder had been attached to this festive holiday glass bowl making the pedestal stand. On the footed base of this stand you will see the Mikasa sticker that I did not remove. I have tied a white ribbon with green lace intertwined in it as a simple bow in the center of the pedestal stand. This bow can be removed by you if you desire. This candy dish measures about 5-5/8 inch tall, 4-1/4 inch wide, and about 2-1/2 inches deep. I did find a couple minimal scratches on the bowl that are easily over looked. Great shine, is clean, and does give impression of new as well.   

Handcrafted, and recommended cleaning is a hand wash, and dry. Not recommended for the dishwasher, or in the microwave. Accessories viewed with this item were used in aiding with pictures, and are not included with this sale.

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