Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vintage Way Rite Household Kitchen Scale Red Tray 25 lb Capacity Working Condition

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 Vintage Way Rite Household Kitchen Scale Red Tray 25 lb Capacity Work Condition Vintage Collectibles Home Decor, 1930s to 1960s, Cottage Shabby Farmhouse Chic has a weight capacity of 0 to 25 pounds, is a household scale made in the U.S.A., and is believed to have been established from 1930 to 1960s is the variation being found in research. The scale is a white enamel with a red round platform for weighing. It is not marked, but I believe the manufacture of this particular vintage scale is Hanson Scale Co.

The vintage kitchen scale is in working condition, and has a weight adjustment knob to ReZero it which I had done since these pictures were taken. This way rite scale measures about 9-1/4 inch tall, has about a 6 inch width. This vintage scale is in good working condition, made of steel with a white painted base, and a red round scale platform. Some nice patina showing years of use with some scratches, scuffs, small paint splatters, and a bit of some possible surface rusting. The dial graphics are strong on the silver-gray face

On one side of the scale you can see where a red type marker pen had been used to write 9 cups water 3 pounds texture.

See all pictures for this vintage household scale that can be used, or would be great displayed with your other vintage kitchen collectibles too.

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