Wednesday, November 6, 2013

4 Tienshan Folk Craft Cabin in the Snow Burner Covers

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(customer received safely, was happy with packaging, and especially with the product. His wife was pleasantly surprised)

4 Tienshan Folk Craft Cabin in The Snow Standard Stove Top Burner Covers are perfect for the holidays for you to use in your home, given as a gift, and is a great set to collect as well. This is a set of heavy duty ceramic burner covers to use for standard burners. This 4 piece set is perfectly clean, shiny, and have vibrant colors that would compliment with your holiday entertaining. On the bottom of the small burner covers it reads Folk Craft TM Cabin in the Snow by Tienshan ® Made in China. On the bottoms of the big burner covers it reads Folk Craft TM Cabin in the Snow by Tienshan ® Microwave Safe Oven to Table Made in China. 

The condition of this 4 piece set is very much like new. On top of the 2 big burner covers towards the center I can see some really minor small rubbing there along with some very small minor scratches too. I believe this is a result from them being stacked onto each other with the material, and they weight of them. This minor issues are easily over looked with the gorgeous clean glazed over shine that they have. The bottom covers are not showing the usual rubbing signs as what was mentioned. As mentioned they are very clean, very shiny, very much like new with vibrant coloring. These pieces were manufactured, and discontinued 1995 to 2004. The smaller stove top burner covers measure about 9 inch diameter, and the larger covers measure about 10-3/4 inch diameter. Pieces are very sturdy, and they are heavy in weight too. 

Have yourself a Merry Little Set for the coming winter, and Holidays. Christmas shopping at anytime is a perfect time for you to be thinking ahead too. These would be a perfect addition to your collections, to adorn your home with, or great given as a gift to someone too. 

I ask that you please take the time to read my policies noted in the tab above regarding payments, shipping, and returns. Please realize that I do not control the amount of shipping different carriers are charging . . . . I am not fond of it either. Also, at this time I do not have this set listed anywhere else.

If you have any questions please make sure to contact Me. I really am friendly, and would be happy to assist you. 

Item Price:        $39.00
Shipping  :        $  9.00   USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate which includes insurance too


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