Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Black White Cloche Glass Dome Cover Wood Stand Pedestal

Black White Cloche Glass Dome Cover Wood Stand Pedestal is great for cheese and cracker board, wedding home decor, wedding inspired, vintage inspired, tablescapes center piece, and is such an adorably cute way for you to serve tea time sandwiches, cookies, truffles, or maybe some of your favorite pastries too. Perfect for the Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings, Special Occasions, and would be great to use all year by trading out what's under the dome. 

Display some special keepsake, give as a gift, use for house warming gifts, use on your buffet, put in the bathroom with some soaps or bath salts, use with and without the dome cover, and the possibilities are endless for it's use. 

I upcycled this piece by using a wooden candle holder, a wooden cheeseboard, some sheet music paper, white ribbon, and of course the glass cloche is with it too. I primed the wood with a grey primer, and then used a black paint. Once this all dried I applied part of a music sheet to the top of the board with the edges being slightly burnt. I also put some scrap sheet music around the middle of the stand. At the neck of this pedestal stand I applied some white silk ribbon as well. I used mod podge for the paper, and did use a final spray once that had dried before applying the white ribbon. The glass dome cover is clean, shiny, very sturdy glass, and appears to be free from any knicks, cuts, cracks, and etc. Together this cloche pedestal stand measures about 11-3/4 inch tall to the top of the glass knob handle, and is about 7-1/2 inches wide. 

This Cloche Glass Dome Cover on Black White Wood Stand can also be viewed at Etsy with pictures, and details. You are welcome to purchase there as well if you would like. For my policies of payments, shipping, and returns please visit my Policies Tab at the top of the page. 

If you would like to Buy It Now from here, I can offer the price $2.00 less than what is listed at Etsy. 


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