Monday, June 18, 2012

Candy Dish Compote Glass Cloche Repurposed Home Decor

Pink Candy Dish Porcelain Compote Repurposed Home Decor by Me is being offered in my store at Ecrater. Visit there to see the pictures, and details of this piece. Any questions please ask them. This is a lovely piece to adorn your home, or given as a gift too.

Glass Cloche Trimont Candle Holder Home Decor was done by Me. The mini terra pot with the flowers are also included with this sale being offered in my store at Ecrater. Visit to see pictures, and details for this. Adorn your home with this, or use the trimont candle holder separately too. Great for gift giving.

Always welcome to visit any of my stores, ask questions, and contact Me if you wish to purchase with Me invoicing you  separately with Paypal, or Google Checkout too. I so enjoy junking, finding lonely pieces, and recreating them for uses adorning our homes, and for gift giving too. Not only do I enjoy the smile it gives Me, but also the smile of pleasure that you have when receiving these pieces too. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams Shoppe. I enjoy the time you share with Me. Come back soon to follow other items I will be showing as I add to my inventory with Ecrater. Have a splendid day everyone. 

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