Monday, May 21, 2012

Pink Opalescent Fostoria Heirloom Vintage Collectible Glass Bowl

Pink Opalescent Fostoria Heirloom Vintage Collectible Glass Bowl is being offered in my store at eCrater. This handkerchief glass bowl is made by the Fostoria Glass Company. The estimated time for this piece is from 1959 to 1970. This pink opalescent is from the Heirloom pattern for Fostoria. The bottom design has a beautiful starburst design. I recommend visiting my eCrater store to see all the pictures with this piece, and to see more details as well. With Ecrater I can invoice you through Paypal, or Google Checkout. I can also invoice you individually myself as well if you wish. Just contact Me for this, or any questions you may have too. 

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  1. I remember working with a couple ladies in the 70's that were collecting Flostoria.
    I'm back and this time it worked just fine . . . I have just been running into lots of little computer problems the last couple of days. I think it all started when I decided to fancy up my blog. I must have clicked something I should not have . . . oh well, live and learn. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas, have a great week, Connie :)

  2. Connie, thanks for visiting, and I am glad it worked out for ya. Yes, every once in a while the good ole computer, or google, or something can do it's lil jig with us....and make things not work. I think they all like to see us work on figuring it out...LOL:)

    I love this Fostoria piece, much better in person, and it came from an estate sale a few years ago. The woman was a collector of all collectors, and is greatly missed too. I myself am downsizing my collections for us to be moving - much easier to will be long distance for us really. Plus, when I get where I am going, I can do some new shopping, new area, new flea markets, and some thrifting, and digging too!:) And...hubby commented on his boss might have me doing some internet stuff for him...setting up a website for him. We will see...time will tell, right? Never count them eggs before they hatch!:)

    Take care Connie, and have a wonderful week!:)