Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Cake Cupcake Plates Glass Pedestal Stands

Cake Cupcake Plate Blue Glass Pedestal Stand is Vintage Inspired, and has been listed with my shop at Etsy.  I used a like new dinner plate, and attached it to a lonely fairy light base. To see All pictures, and possibilities visit my shop. Any questions please contact Me.

PRICE: $28.00
SHIPPING: $13.68 (priority mail includes insurance)

Christmas Cake Cupcake Plate Glass Pedestal Stand is also Vintage Inspired, and has been listed with my shop at Etsy as well. I used a lonely christmas plate I had found, and attached it to an avon dish. Visit to see all the pictures I show, and the possibilities mentioned for this pedestal stand along with others.

PRICE: $26.00
SHIPPING: $13.68 (priority mail & includes insurance)

Glass Cake Cupcake Plate Pedestal Stand is also another Vintage Inspired piece listed in my shop at Etsy. I used a new plate from a business closing, and attached this to a vintage inspired candy dish bowl. Visit to see all pictures, details, and some wonderful possibilities.

PRICE: $30.00
SHIPPING: $13.68 (priority mail & includes insurance for safer delivery)

Remember, if you have any questions to please contact Me. If you see something you like I would also be happy to invoice you with Paypal, or Google Wallet as well. Hope you enjoy your visits, the pictures, and the ideas of possibilities I share for these items I make. Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams Shoppe, and hope to see you all again soon. Take care.

***P.S. Since I did this posting I have added the Buy It Now buttons from paypal. Any issues please let me know, ok? I am slowly progressing to what I would like to do here, and offer to you. A working progress. Thanks again everyone!:)

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