Monday, November 12, 2012

Glass Candy Dish Bowl Candle Holder Pedestal Stands

Candy Dish Bowl Glass Candle Holder Pedestal Stand 
is a neat piece with a cut glass design of squares in the bowl dish, and also in the pedestal stand. See pictures, and details in my Etsy shop.
Christmas Candy Dish Bowl Candle Holder Green Pedestal Stand
This was a fun piece to put together with the christmas glass bowl, and the glass candle holder. See pictures, details, and possibilities for this piece I have made. Visit my shop at Etsy. 
Blue Candle Holder Cupcake Dessert Glass Pedestal Stand
The glass pedestal stand with this is gorgeous! Very nice hue coloring, and when light hits it right it is also lightly transparent too. Fabulous! Visit to see pictures, details, and possibilities with my Etsy shop.
Blue Cupcake Plate Pedestal Dessert Stand Candle Holder
I was fortunate to find 2 matching plates, and 2 glass candle holders to use, and make another blue pedestal stand. Pictures do not do this piece, or the blue glass pedestal stand justice. The hues, and the light transparency with the lighting upon it is gorgeous! See pictures, details, and possibilities at my Etsy shop. 
Glass Candy Dish Bowl Pedestal Stand Candle Holder
I really do enjoy searching, hunting, and finding different glass pieces that eventually come together making one piece. Great to use for the holidays, celebrations, on any occasion, given as a gift, etc. Visit my Etsy shop to see pictures, details, and the possibilities with this too.

Above you will see pictures of items that I have listed with my shop at Etsy which started last night, and I just finished off a little bit ago with the last item for the night. Hopefully tomorrow, or rather it will be Wednesday that I can work on more pictures, and more listings to show to everyone. Visit my Etsy shop to see all the pictures, details, possibilities, and some neat ideas that can always lead into more ideas for you as well. Some of these pieces I make can also be flipped, and used as single candle holders too. Kind of neat getting 2 for 1, and all the possibilities don't you think?

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams Shoppe, and see you again soon. You have any questions make sure to contact Me, and remember I can invoice you with Paypal, or Google Wallet for purchases from here too.....or anything else you find in my shops too. Take care, and have a wonderful week everyone!:)

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